NYC Midnight Contest Submission + Results

I entered a writing competition which is a stretch for me because I think that everyone writes better than I do and I have 0 chance so why bother in the first place? But if going to Yale taught me anything, it’s that if I don’t try, I’ll always wonder, so I threw my hat in….


It was a perfect summer evening in 1782.

Hugs Hurt

Hugs hurt. I don’t want to say that they do but it’s true. An arm around my side, the pressure on my body, sends thousands of tiny needles to the surface, attacking my skin. But I want the embrace; I need to feel loved, so I welcome it, trying not to wince. I live with…

The Last Parts Of You

I had a dream last night, and you were with me. I was in my wedding dress. You took my hand, and we had a dance, something fathers and daughters do every day at weddings all over the world.