Spring Update

This spring is bringing with it quite a few changes for my family. We’re moving from Virginia to Colorado for starters. Castle Rock to be exact and if you don’t get the irony in that, you haven’t been following me that long. It’s a big undertaking. Building a house, switching the kids’ schools, finishing graduate…

The Perfect Bite

“Seven,” Gina counted as she set the table, then remembered.

NYC Midnight Contest Submission + Results

I entered a writing competition which is a stretch for me because I think that everyone writes better than I do and I have 0 chance so why bother in the first place? But if going to Yale taught me anything, it’s that if I don’t try, I’ll always wonder, so I threw my hat in….


Kelly laid in bed waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness.

A Dream Within A Dream – a micro prose challenge

It crept through darkness. Shadows lingered over my bed. I waited, blankets pulled up, eyes searching the dark, breath ragged. I could feel it touching me, the only human in the room. My name, a moan escaping its lips. Sleep, would not find me until I answered its call.