Truly Wicked

Flash Fiction Volume 1

The first collTruly Wickedection of short stories for M. E. Matthews, she brings together and re-imagines stories from her days of blogging. M.E. Matthews blends good old monster tales with stories of lost love. There are thrilling connections between stories; themes of the afterlife, guilt, unrequited love, and missed opportunities. “All Inclusive” is about a kid trying to unravel a mystery. “Beware of Hairy Men” is another take on a werewolf classic. “The Hour” contemplates the afterlife and what if we could get one more hour to spend with our loved ones. Other stories address the supernatural, ghosts, haunted houses and possession. In “Long March,” Matthews weaves a tale of a desperate woman and a marriage falling apart.

Also included is an expanded version of “The Husband”, M. E. Matthews’ first short story and a Scattered Wrecks blog reader favorite.

Compelling, eerie and thought-provoking, these stories illustrate the full range of M. E. Matthews’ repertoire.

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