Our class prompt for this week – What democracy means to me.Democracy is owning a gun and being able to use it on anyone at any time for any reason. It’s the ability to stand trial for murder and if you have money only serve five years and get out in three. If you’re unfortunate enough to be poor you’re going to jail for the rest of your life, you might even die, for the same crime.

Democracy is the ability to vote but only to have a choice between two people who both suck. It’s living in states where lines are drawn to preclude the wrong groups of people from gaining too much power in the eyes of the people who have it and want to keep it. It’s barring those who want to vote, the ones who could sway the outcome of an election with arbitrary rules that prevent them.

Democracy means freedom of speech as long as that speech doesn’t offend anyone.

Democracy is living in a country where people continuously bemoan how bad the environment is while clinging to plastic Starbucks cups full of coffee harvested by farmers in third world countries that aren’t paid a living wage.

Democracy depends on the participation of all its citizens, and yet most do not vote. And of the ones that do vote only half of them are treated as citizens by the majority.

Democracy is the balancing act between the desire to effect responsible change and self-interest.

Democracy is dead, which is why I don’t participate. There’s no point in wasting your time on dead things.


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