Spring Update

This spring is bringing with it quite a few changes for my family. We’re moving from Virginia to Colorado for starters. Castle Rock to be exact and if you don’t get the irony in that, you haven’t been following me that long. It’s a big undertaking. Building a house, switching the kids’ schools, finishing graduate school (June 2019!), and schlepping animals. In the midst of it all, I’m still writing which I guess is a good thing because it helps me have at least one constant to whether all this change.

I’ve had few wins. I’d like to share with you all. I finally managed to convince someone to publish my work in a literary magazine. My flash fiction piece, Your Things was published in the spring issue of Helen. Then Thought Catalog reached out to me after discovering me on Medium. They republished a piece of mine originally titled; I’m Not Girly Enough.

And just randomly, if you’re a writer and you’re not on Medium – you need to get yourself over there. It does wonders for the ego. It’s nice to have my work published in a forum where people want to read your writing. The key to being successful there is to write consistently.

There’s also a new novel in the works. This one has some potential, I think. I have some of my work in progress up on Medium for the ones I’ve started and stopped for some reason or other. But they make a good short story.

Until we meet up again – keep writing!


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  1. Congrats on your first piece in a literary magazine! I found that once you have one under your belt, your credibility increases and others are more keen to publish your work. Hope you find the same!

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