How (Not) To Bake A Cake With Kids

I want to first apologize to every awesome food blogger out there, some of you I consider friends. I’m not a food blogger but I am a good cook, a foodie and an exceptional baker, just not when the kids are around.

It all started with a snow day and a boxed cake. I had promised the oldest child for months, well actually years that we would make a cake together. She had sat patiently watching me over the years measure ingredients and pull delicious treats from the oven. All she wanted to do was help, all I wanted to do was get it done. After awhile I realized that making a cake with your mom is a rite of passage. Something we both need to experience. So with my grandmother’s Kitchen Aid mixer, I began the task of baking a cake with three kids, ages 6, 4 and 4.



I figured if I got everything ready ahead of time, preheated the oven, sprayed the pan and laid out all the ingredients that the process should not only go quickly but easily. I was so wrong.

I laid everything out and called the kids into the kitchen. They were so excited, cramming together to get a glimpse of what I was doing with the mixer and volunteering to do whatever the next step was. We started with the simplest thing, pouring the bag of cake mix into the bowl. Bryleigh, the eldest, was in charge of that and she took to it with such zeal that it went into the bowl and outside the bowl. While we cleaned up the mess, two little boys were busy sneaking the other ingredients and turning them into toys.

The first one I spied was Quinn who had snatched the bowl of eggs and was balancing one precariously in his hand.


This picture was taken right before he decided the egg was a stress ball and squeezed it. Thank God I had extra eggs, usually I have just enough of everything. While I was cleaning up this one his fun loving twin was busy trying to drink the vanilla extract.

ColinStealingThankfully, he couldn’t get it open. The top of that bottle was seriously tight and required pliers to get it open.

PliersFinally, all the ingredients found their way into the bowl, despite my “helpers” and into the oven it went.


The finished product.



Let’s just say, from now on, Bryleigh and I will bake cakes when the boys are napping or otherwise engaged. Despite all the trial and error, the cake came out good and we had fun doing it. In the end, I guess that’s all that really matters.


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