You Always Remember Your First Time

Every once in awhile you hear a song and it’s so awesome that it introduces you to a genre or sub genre of music you never knew existed. From there, the doors fly open and you delve quickly into this new and previously unexplored territory. For today’s twisted mix tape, I’m going to take you on a musical journey of discovery through the songs that were so good they introduced me to genres of music I never listened to before. Maybe one will inspire you as well.

As most teenagers do, I only listened to the pop station that played the Billboard 100. I was given the gift of music at a young age by my mother who thought it was appropriate to give her daughter a Columbia House membership for a birthday gift. It was an awesome gift and my little love of music seed was planted and grew to epic proportions because of that. You always remember your first time, here are my firsts.

Mary Chapin Carpenter – He Thinks He’ll Keep Her
I have to admit, I got her CD Come On, Come On, on accident. I forgot to send in one of the Columbia House cards with my alternate choice on it, so I got her CD. I didn’t want to not listen to it, my mother had paid for it. I remember the first time I heard this song like it happened yesterday. I sat there in wonder, what was this wonderful music. It was country and I had never heard of it before that day but I immersed myself in it from that day forward. 
Sublime – Santeria
I didn’t get introduced to the world of Ska and Punk music until college. I wasn’t that cool to discover it on my own in High School like everyone else apparently did. I can see myself walking past one of my friends hall mate’s rooms and hearing this song. Me being me, I asked what the hell is that and he gave me the CD, just like that. Told me to make a copy if I really liked it. I never made a copy, I just kept the CD.
Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch
Most ex-boyfriends don’t do anything good for you that’s lasting besides teaching you a good lesson in how to never get burned like that again. One of my ex-bfs gave me the gift of hard rock in the form of Buckcherry and a few other bands. Back then, it was my “theme song/stripper song”. Meaning if I were stripper which song would be your song. It would be this one, all day long.
Godsmack – VooDoo
I was no stranger to metal or even heavy metal. I have an older brother who was a teenager in the 80’s.Metallica and Iron Maiden would have been in my playlist back then right along next to Madonna. As I grew up, I grew out of it. That was until I was introduced to the world of alternative metal by this group, that I got into it again. The lead singers voice so expertly matched the music in this song that he could literally have read the phone book and it would still be good.
Stevie Ray Vaughn – Pride and Joy
The only thing I took from my first marriage besides how to make really good fajitas was a love for the blues. Introduced to me by this man here. 
Paul Simon – Bernadette
There was a time oh so long ago when people had to wait to listen to the radio to catch a new song and record it to a cassette tape. If you were lucky and had the CD you could create your own mix tape by stopping and pausing for hours on end. You always remember your first mix tape ever made for you by a boy.  My first mix tape had this song on it and introduced me to the world of folk music. Yes, before you ask, the guy I was dating at the time was way too old for me and yes, I should have know better. I blame the wonderful ignorance that is youth. 


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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Lance says:

    maybe my favorite list of the week…great stuff here, esp Stevie Ray


  2. cynk says:

    What a diverse tape. I love the story about the gift of the Columbia House membership.


  3. Thank you much! You made my day.


  4. : ) I loved that membership. That and my library card were the best things ever when I was a teen.


  5. What fun. I'd forgotten Mary Cahpin Carpinter. Great list.


  6. TY! I still have a soft spot for Mary Chapin Carpenter.


  7. Linda Roy says:

    omg omg omg how i love that mary chapin carpenter song!!! goose bumps kinda love. great pick!!!


  8. Thanks. Now I want to go listen to that CD. I'm going to download it because I'm too lazy to go look through my cds.


  9. crowarrowinc says:

    Great Mix! I love "Crazy Bitch". One of my ex boyfriends had that for my ring-tone. It fit me perfectly!


  10. Tamara Woods says:

    My dad introduced me to Stevie Ray Vaughn. I was a kid when his helicopter crashed, but I remember it like it was yesterday. We all sat around the television and mourned. His blues were real.


  11. I wouldn't know how to feel about that.


  12. It's funny how things just stick with you especially when it's associated with music.


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