Liebster Award

I’m horrible. I was nominated twice for a Liebster Award and I didn’t do the requirements. I’m pulling the five kids card. I don’t do it that often but I’m doing it now. 

On September 9, 2013 Amanda over at Buckiddowas gracious enough to bestow a very new and very green Blogger with this award. I’m going to answer her questions first. Then my pal, the man, the myth, the legend (I’ve always wanted to say that about someone) Mike @ Joe Floggers gave me my second award on November 16, 2013.  I am truly blessed and happy that there are at least two people out there who don’t think I absolutely suck. : )

I’m going to go along with tradition and post 11 random facts about myself and then dig right into the questions. Followed by my nominations of 11 bloggers to carry the Liebster Award Torch.

11 Things about Me 1. I had twins without the use of IVF. (Lucky me…)2. Even though it sounds crazy I would have another set of twins if I could.3. I like sardines and weird cheese.4. I once at a whole tub of Brie in one sitting.5. I HATE the cold.6. I believe in reincarnation.7. I sometimes wake up singing the theme song to Bubble Guppies after a good night with the Hubby.8. I have a Hate/Hate relationship with my hair.9. I once shaved my head. (Not cute at all)10. I constantly change my hair color because I get tired of looking at the same person in the mirror.11. My characters in my stories are usually some extension of myself.

Amanda’s Questions.

  1. How do you feel about pumpkin flavored things? I love pumpkin pie that’s about it.
  1. What is the best part of autumn where you live? Seeing the leaves change in the Shenandoah Mountains.
  1. What was your very first day of school like? I remember the first day of HS. I was nervous but I met some great gals that day and to this day we still talk all the time on FB because I don’t live in Philly anymore. Saint Maria Goretti HS for Girls Class of 1997. The best girls in South Philly!!
  1. Who was your favorite teacher in school? Mr. Gildea Why? He was the first teacher who told me I was talented. He’s pushed me toward writing.
  1. What is your favorite book? Gone With The Wind
  1. What is your favorite TV show? X-Files and Gilmore Girls
  1. Who is your favorite actor/actress? Kenneth Branagh and Meryl Streep. I like real actors but I’m a movie snob.
  1. Top 3 favorite blogs? Daddy Complex, Dried on Milk and The Reluctant Cat Owner.
  1. Favorite celebrity mom? Julia Roberts
  1. Favorite celebrity dad? Will Smith

Mike’s Questions1.  What motivated you to start a blog? I wanted to become a better writer and I figured the best way to do it would be to practice regularly.

2.  What is your favorite animal? Koi

3.  What is your dream job? Writer for the New Yorker.

4.  Does money buy happiness? No. It doesn’t buy happiness it just makes life easier so you can enjoy the everyday things without worrying about the bills and where your next meal is coming from.

5.  What is your favorite meal? Lasagna with lots of garlic bread or the shareable fajitas platter form Uncle Julio’s.

6.  If you could meet one person, who would it be and why? No one.

7.  If you could live in any other time period, what time period would you pick? I’d like to live in Victorian England because they had such good manners.

8.  What is your favorite book or movie?Favorite Book is Gone With The Wind, Favorite Movie The Usual Suspects.

9.  What is your favorite thing to write about? Romances that don’t end with the hero and heroine walking off into the sunset. I call them realistic romances.

10.  Do you consider yourself successful? Sometimes. 

11.  Beer or wine? Wine. Beer tastes like warm piss.

Drumroll…The eleven blogs I nominate for the Liebster are…

1. Cary @ The Reluctant Cat Owner’s Journal – I hope this gets me a Keep Calm and Cary Vaughn tee shirt. ; )

2. E @ A Sign of Life

3. Ginny @ Lemon Drop Pie

4. Angela @ Not Appropriate for all Audiences

5. Samantha @This Heart of Mine – She makes me want to start running again.

6. Gwen @ Little Growing Pains – This girl is womanly wise beyond her young years and is going to do amazing things one day.

7. Sarah @ Betty Cupcakes – I wish I lived in her house.

8. Sarah @ Thank You Honey

9. I Like Beer and Babies.

10. Heather @ My Tales with Two – Us twin mommies have to stick together.

11. The Psych Scrivener

The Questions: You can tell a lot about people by the movies they like, so I will list a genre and you write the first movie that pops into your head. 

1. Drama:

2. Comedy:

3. Romantic Comedy:

4. Romantic Drama:

5. Epic:

6. Animated:

7. Biopic:

8. Historical:

9. Sci/Fi:

10. Foreign:

11. Mystery:


4 Comments Add yours

  1. You're welcome. I love your blog.


  2. Mike Regione says:

    great answers and thanks for calling me the man, the myth, the legend, it will feed my fragile ego. i still have your questions for the ask joe column and will be posting soon.


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