This is 40.

My husband and I are six years apart and this past January, he turned the dreaded 40. There wasn’t much fanfare leading up to it, mostly him and not me because I love a good party. I just couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t want to celebrate it. It’s a milestone that should be marked. So finally after many arguments, he relented and I got to throw him a small party with only family.

Thankfully, he didn’t go through the stereotypical midlife crisis. He hates being 40 and I don’t understand why. This man has 6 more years of life experience on me and we joke all the time about it. We make jokes that he was in first grade when I was born or that he was making out with girls when I was still playing with Barbie dolls. Which isn’t saying much because I still play with Barbie dolls. All jokes aside, the best thing about being 40 is knowing who you are. He knows who he is and what he stands for and it’s taken him 40 years to figure all that out. I’m no where even near that point in the journey. I think it must be frustrating for him to be with someone who has no idea who she is or what she wants or where she wants to go. That’s what your 30s are for, putting all the things you found out about yourself in your 20s, into action.

I can’t wait to be 40. I figure in six years, I’ll have it all figured out too. Life will be easier because the toddlers will be older. No more potty training. My youngest kids will be 9 and my oldest 18.What a difference 6  years will make. Maybe in 6 years, I will no longer find farts funny but I doubt it.

All that said, the movie, This Is 40. Is dead on hilarious. I found myself saying, this is us, through most of the movie. It’s highly relatable especially if you know someone who is 40 or about to be. Whenever my husband gets down about being 40 we turn it on. I can’t change the fact that he’s 40 but we can laugh at the absurdity of it all.


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