Outnumbered and Outpaced. Can I Out Source?

Colin is up and he’s crying for some unknown reason. It could be because his pants feel weird today or the moon is in the waxing phase. Either way, he’s what I like to call, “hopping mad”.  Hopping mad is when the child gets so angry with you they start jumping up and down because they don’t know what else to do. Unfortunately for Colin, when he gets hopping mad I find it funny and my laughter doesn’t defuse the situation.

So while Colin is “hopping mad”, his twin Quinn is banging on the walls, doing his best impression of an inmate, screaming “ATTICA”! Such is life with twin 3 year olds.  Now the whole house is up. The girls who room next to them are groggy. Haileigh (10) is irritated because they woke her up and Bryleigh (4) who is now going to bug her to death about what to wear today because she always wants to match Haileigh. The oldest, Conner (12) is completely unaware of the chaos ensuing upstairs because he’s nicely tucked away in his little preteen man cave in the basement.

Here, I must digress. I’m not a morning person, or an afternoon person and on most days I’m too tired to be a night person. I can function half heartedly in the morning but until I get some coffee, tea and/or food, I’m pretty much useless. So while I’m attempting to cook breakfast or dole out cereal, I have the Twin Terrors running circles around me so fast all I see are blurs. Bryleigh and Haileigh usually come downstairs fussing with each other and Conner is sitting at the table with his usual “how did I get here”, look on his face. I am outnumbered and outpaced by ten little feet all day long.

Then there are those rare occasions when all the kids are gone for a few hours, a day, a weekend. The house is quiet and I’m like this guy here when they all get picked up. The kids and I have watched this video so much that now when something good happens to someone we sing, “this is your day” to them and start acting silly. The influence of You Tube. So what was the point of this blog? I don’t know, I haven’t had my coffee yet. I just wanted to share this video.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. DDelorge says:

    Hopping Mad!! LOL..yep that's collie


  2. DDelorge says:

    following your blog..looks great


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