Netflix and Awake English Breakfast

Most days usually start with me, up at around 6:45am to say goodbye to the husband and get him out the door. Some days, I usually try to  make him a cup of coffee and a sandwich while he’s dressing but today I wasn’t feeling that domestic so no coffee, no lunch and quick peck was all he got on his way out the door. (Sorry)  I was tired, that usual tired that comes from being about 10 weeks into the school routine. When we stop sending them to school with elaborate Bento boxes for lunch (because we are so happy school has started) and move to the quick PB & J. Yes, Ladies and Gents – burn out has set in.

Normally, I’m not this way. I love the summertime and while I envy those people that can afford to send their kids to sleep away camp for the entire summer. Most of mine are too young. This summer posed its own set of challenges, two preteens versus three toddlers, sounds like the makings of a good WWF cage match to me. So I made a plan for this summer, the things we wanted to do, places to go and like they saying goes, “God laughs at plans”. Through a series of unfortunate events we found ourselves in a new city with our only means of transport being where our feet would carry us. With six toddler feet in the mix, that’s not very far.

Most days we spend in our pool and the routine of it all is calming. Eat breakfast, get in the pool. Eat lunch, get in the pool, put toddlers to bed, older kids read or go play with their new friends. Eat dinner, watch Jeopardy, play games with the kids and go to bed. Repeat the next day and on a random cool day, a walk up to the local library to exchange our books and get new ones. Then Mother Nature will throw in a week of rain. I’m sure the farmers are happy but I am far from it. The kids are irate it’s raining, they’re at each other’s throats. Before 10am, I’ve already broken up at least a dozen fights and my nerves are frayed. That’s when I turn to my best friend and emergency  babysitter, Netflix.  As soon as I power on my Xbox, the green glow entices them forward. There’s a hush in the house. I can hear birds chirping outside again. They grab their blankets, get cozy and democratically we vote on what to watch first.

Now I can have a cup of tea, check my email, do laundry and just possibly make something other than PB&J for lunch.


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